3 Amazing Theme Wedding Decorations Ideas


Bored with the same old wedding themes and ideas? Sprinkle the aura of ‘new ideas’ in your wedding theme and make it look simply stunning. With this, you can change the same old red, gold decoration and start the concept of modern Indian wedding decoration themes! But for excellent execution, you will require help. So, hire an experienced and professional event designer and start setting a decor benchmark.

3 Amazing Theme Wedding Decorations Ideas For The Swag Couple!

You know that you both are special together. Now, it is time to reflect the same with your wedding decor!


Before you start the plan, the venue is very important. You cannot just decide the theme without knowing what the venue is. So, start your plan from there. Here are some unique venue ideas for you –

  • Garden – This way, you can choose any flower that you like as all of them will look great in a garden.
  • Wedding Resorts in Bangalore – Here, one will have the perfect space where one can also get a complimentary fountain for the decor.
  • Beach – Perfect for a spring wedding!

So, once you have decided on the destination, you should now move on to the next important thing, that is decoration. Note that, all these decor ideas can be implemented in different ways according to the destination. But again, it is better if professionals are executing it.

1. The Flower Effect

Create some 3D floral effect with flowers which will look absolutely amazing. So, for that, you need some expert idea and advice. Basically, the effect is done with wiring and flowers on them. So, instead of going for all the stereotypical flowers, you can use lilies, orchids, petunia and tulips too.

Don’t forget to upload the flower decoration pictures and share your ideas with others!

2. Stage And Backdrop Decoration

Want to do something aesthetic? Try mirror hangings, beads, bells and pots. All should be hand painted and printed. This will add an Indian effect but with a modern twist. Those small different coloured umbrellas also look really good with the Indian theme. So, it should be on your design checklist too!

3. Mandap Decoration Bangalore

You just need to do it properly. After all, it is the place where the couple will sit and take their wedding vows. It is best to avoid cloth drapes as there are chances of accidents. So, instead of drapes, go for fairy lights. This will add on to the aura of your wedding.

Another thing is flower drapes. Yes, this is a thing now. Make drapes with floral strands and hang them just like the normal hangings. Moreover, this will envelop the area with natural sweet smell!

All these are some of the stunning ideas that you can implement. As decorative pieces, there are some things you can use –

  • Candle centerpieces
  • Couple pictures
  • Flying Chinese lanterns
  • Use net instead of drapes
  • Cloth or paper origami
  • Flower pots for ‘Green wedding’ or bonsai

All these are some of the very refreshing as well as creative ideas for your perfect wedding. For more ideas, you should contact a professional decorator and make your wedding look like a dream come true. Start planning for the perfect arrangement and don’t forget to click exclusive wedding decoration pictures. Be the wedding decor trend setter!