Add A European Touch To Your Theme Wedding Decorations

Wedding is a gala occasion and celebration in India. Yes, it is true in all senses! People here love to make the auspicious day glazing with pomp and posh for the to-be-wedded couple and make them feel extremely special. Similarly, wedding in Europe is equally hyped. They plan it for years and months to get the perfect wedding. How about if you get the chance to add the classy European touch to the Indian Theme Wedding Decorations?

Sounds interesting, right? It will also look interesting. Presently, there are professional wedding designers and planners who are trying to make a new statement in Indian weddings. There some really creative ideas with which you can sprinkle the aura of European wedding!

3 Things To Add European Style In Your Marriage Decoration

This does not mean you have to alter the ritual or change the vows; it is absolute regarding the decor and some party celebrations. So, here we go –

1. Venue:

You can choose a marriage hall or go for the outdoor wedding too. If you are willing to add the vintage style in your wedding theme, then indoor-like banquets and halls are the best option. But if you want to add modern touch then Garden Wedding Bangalore or a beach wedding is apt.

If you can decide on the venue properly, half the work will be done there!

2. Colour Scheme:

Try playing with pastel and gold. Yes, this is a combination made in heaven. You can try pink or lilac and gold, blue and gold (matte maybe), etc. these are some of the eccentric combinations that you can try. The reason for adding gold is to keep a regal and Indian look in the decor.

3. Floral decoration:

A good flower decoration is a must! But instead of going for the basic red roses and Rajanigandha; now try some other flowers – Tulips, water lilies, lotus, carnation, daisy, sweet pea, dahlia, gardenia, ranunculus, etc. All these are available in different colours and they look stunning with proper combination. One more this is to balance all these colours, add some green like ferns or other leaves.

Here are some combinations –

  • Pink, peach and mint colour
  • Lavender, light blue, golden sparkles and dark green
  • Burgundy, ochre yellow, burnt orange
  • Purple, pink and magenta
  • Gold, pearl and cream

You can use these floral combinations with drapes, hangings, silver or gold small bells, ribbons, fairy lights and linen drapes on the ceiling; it will be a truly stunning visual treat. These decor also looks great as wedding Cocktail Party Decorations.

In most of the wedding, there is a reception and after party; you have more access to plan and add a European touch to it.

Wedding Stage Decoration Bangalore

Here also you have ample chance to do something creative and out of the box. Instead of using red, yellow lights; go for spots and fairy lights. Use pearl drop hangings with mirrors and glass straws to dazzle up the decor.